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Product knowledge extension

A coaxial jumper connection cable, also known as a coaxial jumper cable or simply a jumper cable, is a type of cable used to connect two devices or components that require a coaxial connection. It typically consists of a coaxial cable with connectors on both ends.
Coaxial cables are designed to carry high-frequency signals with minimal loss and interference. They consist of an inner conductor, which is usually a solid or stranded copper wire, surrounded by an insulating material called dielectric. The dielectric is covered by a conductive shield, typically made of braided or foil-wrapped metal, and finally protected by an outer jacket.
When connecting devices using a coaxial jumper cable, you would simply plug one end of the cable into the corresponding coaxial connector on the first device and the other end into the matching connector on the second device. This allows for the transmission of signals between the devices while maintaining the coaxial characteristic impedance and minimizing signal degradation.