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Wanma Communications Attends AUTOMATICA 2023 in Munich, Germany

Recently, the four-day international robotics and automation technology exhibition-AUTOMATICA 2023 in Munich, Germany, ended perfectly. 

AUTOMATICA Munich is one of the most influential industrial robot exhibitions with the largest scale and the most comprehensive exhibitors, which not only has the most famous robot manufacturers in the world exhibiting, but also covers a wide range of fields such as industrial robot production lines and commercial robots, which is a high-quality platform for WMC to show to the outside world.

   In today's society, the industrial and robotic automation industry is developing rapidly, the market prospect is broad, the medium and high-end cable enterprises must compete. Europe, especially Germany, in the industrial and robotic cable research and development and promote process occupies an important position.

Wanma Communications has always adhered to the development concept of "positive people, positive things, positive" in the face of market changes, following the customer's demands, timely adjusting the product structure, bringing new cable products to customers promptly, and actively providing customers with professional interpretation of the product in the hope that we can be a professional, digging deep into the market, based on the market!