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Power Distribution Accessory Manufacturer Introduces 6 Properties Of Cables

Power Distribution Accessory Manufacturer introduces Wire and cable products that are used on different occasions, and the performance requirements are various and extensive. The main performance can be summarized as follows:

1. Electrical properties: including electrical conductivity, electrical insulation properties, and transmission properties. Conductivity——Most products require good conductivity, and some products require a certain range of resistance.

2. Mechanical properties: refers to tensile strength, elongation, flexibility, elasticity, softness, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance, etc.

3. Thermal performance: refers to the heat resistance level of the product, operating temperature, heating and heat dissipation characteristics of power cables, current carrying capacity, short circuit, and overload capacity, thermal deformation and thermal shock resistance of synthetic materials, thermal expansion of materials and impregnation or drawing The dripping performance of the layer material, etc.

4. Corrosion resistance and weather resistance: refers to resistance to galvanic corrosion, biological erosion, chemical (oil, acid, alkali, chemical solvents, etc.) erosion, salt spray resistance, sunlight resistance, cold resistance, anti-virus and moisture resistance, etc.

5. Aging resistance: refers to the ability of the product and its constituent materials to maintain their original performance under the action of mechanical stress, electrical stress, thermal stress, and other various external factors, or under external climate conditions.

6. Other properties: including the characteristics of some materials (such as the hardness and creep of metal materials, the compatibility of polymer materials, etc.) rat ants, etc.).