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Optical Fiber Cable Factory Introduces The Types Of Optical Cables

Optical Fiber Cable Factory introduces the types of optical cables

1. According to transmission performance, distance, and use, it is divided into local optical cable, long-distance optical cable, submarine optical cable, and user optical cable.

2. According to the type of optical fiber, it is divided into single-mode optical fiber cable and multi-mode optical fiber cable.

3. According to the method of optical fiber covering, it is divided into tight sleeve optical cable, loose sleeve optical cable, bundled tube optical cable, and ribbon optical cable

4. According to the number of fiber cores, it is divided into single-core, double-core, four-core, and six-core.

5. According to the configuration method of the strength members, it is divided into central strengthening member optical cables (such as layered stranded optical cables, skeleton optical cables), scattered strengthening member optical cables (such as reinforced optical cables on both sides of the bundled tube and flat optical cables), and sheath strengthening member optical cables (such as bundled cables) Tube steel wire armored optical cable), and PE outer sheath plus a certain amount of thin steel wire composite outer sheath optical cable.

6. According to the laying method, it is divided into pipeline optical cable, direct buried optical cable, overhead optical cable, and underwater optical cable.

7. According to the nature of the sheath material, it is divided into polyethylene-sheathed ordinary optical cable, PVC-sheathed flame retardant optical cable, and nylon anti-ant and mouse-proof optical cable.

8. According to the transmission conductor and medium condition, it is divided into metal-free optical cable, ordinary optical cable, and photoelectric composite cable.

9. According to the structure, it is divided into flat structure optical cable, layered structure optical cable, skeleton structure optical cable, armored structure optical cable (including single and double armored), and so on.

10. At present, optical cables for communication can be divided into

(1) Indoor (field) outdoor optical cable, used for outdoor direct burial, pipeline, channel, tunnel, overhead, and underwater laying optical cable.

(2) Flexible optical cable, a movable optical cable with excellent bending performance.

(3) Optical cables in rooms (offices), suitable for optical cables laid indoors.

(4) Optical cable inside the equipment, which is used for the optical cable laid in the equipment.

(5) Submarine optical cables, which are used for optical cables laid across the ocean.

(6) Special optical cables, in addition to the above categories, are optical cables for special purposes.