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Optical Fiber Cable Factory Introduces 6 Characteristics Of Optical Cables

Fiber optic cables are manufactured from outer assemblies of single, multiple optical fibers or optical fiber bundles as optical characteristics, indicators of environmental performance, and cable structural entities suitable for mechanical properties. There are mainly band structures, bound structures, skeleton structures, twisted structures, etc. In the 1980s, it was slowly applied to long-distance routes, and at the same time, it gradually began to use a single model of optical fiber. Over the years Optical cable technology has developed steadily for a long time. Below, Optical Fiber Cable Factory introduces the 6 major characteristics of optical cables:

(1) Wide bandwidth and large communication capacity. The broadband that can use optical fiber is about 500 GHz, and the network transmission of 1-IOJb/s is very simple.

(2) The loss caused is very low, and the relay distance is long. The loss generated by adopting the optical fiber transmission is very small, and for the relay distance, the optical fiber cable is longer than the electrical cable.

(3) optical fiber is an insulating material and has strong resistance to electromagnetic obstacles.

(4) There is no interference called crosstalk and good secrecy. Light waves can be transmitted simply through fiber optic cables, with virtually no leakage from the fibers.

(5) The wire diameter is very thin and easy to lay.

(6) By using optical cables instead of electric cables, considerable metal material can be saved.