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Future Together|WANMA Equipment & Cables at ANDINA LINK Data Centre & Communication Technology Show in Colombia

Andina Link 2024, the most important exhibition in Latin America, was successfully held in Cartagena, Colombia, from 19 to 21 March 2024, with the latest technology, broadband technology and cable TV technology as the most important exhibitions in Latin America, and has been held successfully for 28 years. Around 250 companies from all over the world participated in the show and nearly 28,000 professionals visited the event.

During this three-day exhibition, Wanma Tianyi, a subsidiary of Wanma's equipment and cable segment, presented communication products and robot cables at the exhibition. Attracted many new and old friends, industry colleagues, experts in related fields to visit, consulting, technology, development and industry development in-depth exchanges.

In this exhibition, the overseas sales team of equipment cable of Wanma received different customers, carried out in-depth communication and discussion with customers, and signed the letter of intent for cooperation with potential customers, etc., which was very fruitful, and further consolidated and expanded the influence and position of Wanma in the Colombian market. Wanma always adheres to the customer-centred approach, responds to the needs of customers at the first time, and is closely connected with customers. Wanma always carries out the global brand strategy, ploughs into the overseas market, keeps in touch with overseas customers, and shows the company's corporate image of "Wisdom, Tolerance, Innovation and Reliability" to customers.

"Knowing each other is not far away, and we are still neighbours for ten thousand miles". Through this exhibition, Wanma Equipment & Cable showed the main products of Wanma in the field of telecommunication cables to the customers, let the overseas customers have a deeper understanding of the products, and brought them closer to the customers, and showed the international influence of Wanma brand to the whole Latin American market. At the same time, the company has a deeper understanding and knowledge of the entire Latin American market and customer needs, pay more attention to the pain points and needs of customers, and is committed to providing better solutions and more intimate service for the Latin American market.