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Craftsmanship, quality presentation, Wanma equipment cable with new products in Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair

On 20 March 2024, the much-anticipated Munich Shanghai Electronic Equipment Exhibition finally kicked off, more than 900 innovative companies in the electronics manufacturing industry gathered together to draw a grand blueprint for electronics manufacturing, and WAMA equipment and cables appeared in this exhibition.

Early in the morning, the Shanghai New International Expo Centre was crowded with people who came to the exhibition with a heart full of anticipation and enthusiasm. The scene blossomed, each showing their style, intelligent atmosphere sense of pull!

In this exhibition, Wanma equipment cable targeted to display a variety of industrial intelligent equipment cables, including 10 million times / 20 million times drag chain cables, robot cables, control cables, and other advantageous products, such as products of the conductor using 6 types of multi-stranded stranded pure copper conductor, insulation using TPE / special PVC mixture/fluorine plastic / Hai Cui, the shielding of the very fine tinned pure copper wire, the outer sheath using Low friction elasticity lead-free heat-resistant PVC mixture / TPU, the product has high flexibility, flame retardant, high reciprocating drag chain life, resistance to bending, dragging, oil resistance, UL / c-UL certification, etc., and also has the characteristics of anti-argumentation folding, abrasion-resistant to ensure that the cable's service life.

Booth 1802 in E1 Hall was crowded with people. Wanma equipment cable sales staff did a good job of reception, professional explanation of our company's corporate profile, product advantages, process structure, application scenarios, project cases, etc., detailed answers to the corresponding questions, in-depth discussion of cooperation needs, and has been praised by many customers. Both sides left each other's contact information for further cooperation to establish a solid bridge.

The successful debut of this exhibition not only consolidates the existing cooperative relationship, but also discovers more potential customers, lays a solid foundation for developing new markets, and strengthens the influence of Wanma Equipment & Cable in the market. In the future, Wanma Equipment & Cable will endeavor to provide quality services to more customers and promote the development of an intelligent manufacturing industry with new quality productivity.