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Connection Cable Manufacturers Introduce The Connection Method Of Cables

Usually, the wire connections we see are that the copper wires in wires are intertwined and twisted. In this way, it can be ensured that the joints of the wires will not spark, short-circuit or have poor contact. This is the most basic skill of every electrician and many people who are not electricians know it.

This solution is relatively rare, and its main line cannot be truncated. Wrap the additional wire 6-8 turns around the main wire. The phenomenon of ignition, short circuit, and poor contact in the wire is very serious. It is very simple to deal with. The ignition and short circuit of the wire are caused by the lack of the correct terminal. After the terminal is loose, electricity will be generated when the high-load current passes through. The ions and the electric ions repel each other and look like the welding sparks of electric welding. At the same time, the temperature also rises, and soon, if it can stick to the electricity, it will be energized, and if it cannot be energized, a short circuit will be formed.

No matter which connection method is used to connect the wires, it is necessary to perform a simple treatment on the butted wires, and this simple treatment is often to paste the insulating fireproof tape on the connection position. this is very important. His role is mostly in insulation but it also has the role of fire prevention. In this way, my electricity safety can get a minimum. The most common method is to use insulating tape alone. Although it is not very good, it is very convenient and time-saving. And there is another way is to use the sleeve. This kind of sleeve is a small tool specially used for wire connection. Very easy to use and very safe. Generally, there is no need for insulating tape when the cable is used.

Connection Cable Manufacturers introduced that the connection of wires must be arranged in an orderly manner, and different wires should be marked differently. Easy maintenance and inspection. Generally, the high-voltage and low-voltage lines need to be marked, while the red wire is often used for the live wire, and the blue wire is used for the neutral wire. As for the ground wire, some use gray and some use yellow. This facilitates subsequent maintenance.