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Coaxial Cable Manufacturers Introduce Cable Installation Method

Coaxial cable is a kind of wire and signals transmission line, which is generally made of four layers of materials: the innermost is a conductive copper wire, the outside of the wire is surrounded by a layer of plastic (used as an insulator and a dielectric), and there is a thin layer outside the insulator. Mesh conductor (usually copper or alloy), and then the outermost layer of insulating material is used as the outer skin. Coaxial cables are generally installed between devices. A connector is provided at each user location to provide an interface for the user. Below, Coaxial Cable Manufacturers describe how to install cables:

(1) Thin cable: Cut the thin cable, install BNC heads on both ends, and then connect to both ends of the T-connector.

(2) Thick cable: The thick cable is generally installed with a Tap device similar to a splint. It uses the guide pin on the Tap to penetrate the insulation layer of the cable and directly connect to the conductor. There are terminators at both ends of the cable to weaken the reflection of the signal. For networks with a transfer rate of 10Mbit/s.